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2019 Polaris 800 Titan XC 155 ES Snowcheck Select


The 800 Polaris® TITAN™ XC model is a high-performance, cross-country tough sled. It features the Cobra track with aggressive 1.8 inch lugs, Gripper skis, and a premium FOX® Shock package.

Carrying & Towing Capability Features

  • TOWING & CARRYING CAPABILITIES: TITAN models offer unmatched cargo carrying and towing capabilities, and with a 1,200 lb. (544 kg) towing capacity, they can tow more than competitive sleds. Innovative storage solutions optimize available space & utilize impressive TITAN hauling power. Integrated cargo mounting systems let riders add or remove cargo quickly & easily. Sled is engineered to maintain its Rider-Balanced Control with any size cargo load.
  • POLARIS TITAN ALPHA TRANSMISSION: The durable, reliable TITAN Alpha transmission provides smooth shifting and drive ranges to suit even the most extreme conditions or situations. Delivers smooth shifting and 1200 lb. towing capabilities. Drive Ranges: High, Low, Reverse, Neutral. Engineered & built to perform reliably when towing & hauling large loads.
  • LOCK & RIDE VERSA STORAGE CARGO BOX AND RACK: Lock & Ride® Versa Cargo Box and Luggage Rack are available as accessories for the Titan XC model and keep cargo secure and protected. They are engineered for quick, easy mounting on the Lock & Ride® Versa Storage Platform. Lock & Ride® Versa Cargo Box can be installed/removed in seconds without tools and provides an outstanding capacity of 4,140 cu. in. This weather-resistant Cargo Box keeps cargo secure & protected and can be used with or without the Luggage Rack. Lock & Ride® Versa Rear Luggage Rack easily mounts to the platform and allows for attachment of multiple accessories for added functionality.
  • INTEGRATED 1500 LB. WINCH ACCESSORY: Versatile, mobile pulling power is available everywhere you ride with this powerful integrated winch. Powerful, durable, reliable winch built for demanding conditions & jobs. 1,500 lb. (600 kg) line pull rating. Versatile pulling power available on-demand. Can be operated with the sled engine idling or the engine off. Winch can be mounted on the rear of the sled. Can be mounted on a sled with accessory bumpers. Use the winch power to free stuck vehicles, move large items, tackle tough jobs.
  • POLARIS TITAN CARGO ACCESSORIES: Storage solutions are available for every type of cargo you need to carry. Every bag and carrier features durable, all-weather construction and easy, secure installation. Handlebar Bag, Windshield Bag, Lock & Ride® Under Passenger Seat Bag & more. Kolpin® Quick Attach Gun & Rod Lockers hold firearms & fishing gear securely. Ice Auger Mount makes it easy to transport ice fishing equipment.
  • 14 GALLON FUEL TANK: This high-capacity fuel tank will provide extended range and will provide those who ride far off-trail with extra peace of mind.
  • INTEGRATED LOCK & RIDE VERSA STORAGE PLATFORM: Innovative, Polaris TITAN-exclusive storage system optimizes convenience and security of carrying cargo. Industry-leading carrying capacity of 85 lb. (38.5 kg.). Integrated design allows for maximum storage, with or without passenger seat. Platform designed to hold two 5-gallon buckets, ideal for hauling fishing gear, tools, firewood & much more. Integrated Lock & Ride® mounting system to hold accessory cargo box. Includes bars where tie-down straps can be attached. Ribbed underside of platform perimeter prevents bungee hooks from sliding.
  • FOX QS3 CLICKER SHOCKS: High-performance, adjustable, and rebuildable FOX® QS3 Clicker shocks offer easy pre-ride adjustability and deliver outstanding performance on- and off-trail. Tool-free adjuster allows for simple and repeatable suspension setting changes. Wide range of compression adjustment provides noticeable changes of ride quality and handling without the complications of counting detents. Remote reservoir promotes heat dissipation & ensures consistently outstanding performance in all riding conditions.

Handling & Performance Features

  • AXYS RIDER-BALANCED CONTROL: The AXYS® TITAN Chassis positions the rider for Rider-Balanced Control in all riding situations – solo, 2-up, with cargo on-board, or towing a load. This platform delivers unmatched ride & handling on- and off-trail. Balanced handling on all terrain. Superior mobility, agility and performance in deep snow. Ride & handling are not compromised when hauling or towing cargo.
  • POLARIS TITAN ARTICULATED REAR SUSPENSION: The Articulated Rear Suspension provides outstanding ride & handling in all conditions, on- and off-trail. Delivers a smooth ride on trails and can absorb the bumps off-trail. Superior ride & handling. 16.5 in. of rear travel ensures a smooth ride on the trail & outstanding off-trail capabilities. Suspension geometry is optimized for a great ride & sure towing. No adjustments required to switch between solo & 2-up riding, or when hitching on a large load. Rear section of skid tips up for easy backing over obstacles. Enhances the sled’s outstanding flotation
  • POLARIS TITAN POWDERTRAC RUNNING BOARDS: The PowderTrac Running Boards offer an optimized design for maximum snow clean out while maintaining extreme strength. Engineered for optimal strength. Expanded cut-outs minimize snow & ice build-up. Designed to provide comfortable ergonomics for seated & stand-up riding. Top surface designed for outstanding boot grip the entire length of the running boards. Accessory closeouts available.
  • COOLING SYSTEM WITH RADIATOR: This durable, efficient cooling system and radiator ensures consistently reliable engine operation in even the most extreme conditions. World’s most robust performance snowmobile cooling system. Ensures reliable engine operation when sled is being ridden in extreme or low-snow conditions. Cooling system includes an efficient radiator with fan. Radiator is mounted in strategic position for ultimate cooling airflow and minimal snow or debris build-up. Add the accessory Wheel Kit for maximum low snow capabilities
  • 20 X 155 X 1.8 COBRA TRACK: Proven, versatile Cobra track provides excellent off-trail flotation and aggressive traction on-trail. Stiff Cobra design lugs offer superior performance in off trail loose snow application with traction to spare. 1.8 in. height provides better towing response on and off trail for the most demanding deep snow conditions. Strong, stiff lugs won’t fold over like some deep snow tracks’ softer, more pliant lugs
  • 800 CLEANFIRE H.O. ENGINE: Developed in conjunction with the AXYS platform, the proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine delivers class-leading acceleration. The integrated mounting position optimizes the balance of the chassis. Featuring 3-stage electronically-controlled exhaust valves. Electronic oil pump. Thermostat with bypass warms up to operating temperature 40% faster and improves durability. High-efficiency intake and exhaust. VForce Reeds. Lightweight crankshaft. Throttle body is lighter weight and reduces throttle effort. Grooved Piston.
  • 3-STAGE ELECTRONICALLY-CONTROLLED EXHAUST VALVES: 3-stage electronically-controlled exhaust valves provide improved running quality, crisper throttle response, smoother idle and improved fuel economy. The active feedback for the exhaust valve position provides more accurate fueling in transient situations. These exhaust valves also improve combustion stability, leading to improved durability and engine life.
  • ELECTRONIC OIL PUMP: Electronic oil pump eliminates power-robbing gear drive – and provides more precise, improved oil delivery for performance and durability as well as a 35% reduction in throttle effort. Requires no adjustments.
  • HIGH-EFFICIENCY INTAKE AND EXHAUST: Porous intake duct material and high-flow exhaust system create a better breathing engine package for more power. The silencer provides reduced sound levels while on the trail. Vforce reeds provide improved performance, throttle response and reed durability.
  • POWER BOOSTING REGULATOR: The Power Boosting Regulator is a new, innovative electrical power technology adapted from the automotive industry and available exclusively in Polaris TITAN snowmobiles. Delivers maximum electrical power at idle and low RPMs. Ensures electrical power for rider comfort and convenience features, such as heated seats, handwarmers, battery charging and other accessories. Easy starting
  • VFORCE REEDS: Provide improved performance, throttle response, and reed durability.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CRANKSHAFT: Lightweight crankshaft weighs 2.5 lbs less, delivering 25% lower inertia and quicker throttle response and spooling. This provides improved acceleration. Designed and engineered specifically for the 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine for increased durability, this same lightweight crankshaft is used in Polaris Race sleds, including during the past 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons, showing it's proven durability.
  • 800 CLEANFIRE H.O. ENGINE PISTON: Grooved piston was designed specifically for the 800 HO Cleanfire® Engine to increase durability and engine life.
  • GRIPPER SKIS: These gripper skis feature a deeper upper and lower keel design, allowing for the best performing skis in loose and hardpacked snow conditions.
  • POLARIS TITAN BRAKE SYSTEM: Industry’s only integrated brake with an integrated idler shaft for brake disc. 4 piston caliper. Radial master cylinder.

Rider Centric Comfort Features

  • EXTENDED WIND PROTECTION: Polaris TITAN's integrated wind protection enhances riders’ comfort. Extended AXYS Wind Foils deflect wind around riders.
  • AXYS DEEP SNOW MID 13 IN. WINDSHIELD: Deep Snow Mid 13" windshield deflects wind, snow, branches, etc., for enhanced rider protection.
  • POLARIS INTERACTIVE DIGITAL DISPLAY: Another industry first for Polaris - the most advanced instrumentation in snowmobiling. This 4.3in. high resolution, full color, LCD digital display provides a rider with information. Sled performance: Speedometer, tachometer, dual tripmeters, average speed, max speed, engine/trip hours & odometerSled operating conditions: Coolant temperature, diagnostics & maintenance warningsRiding conditions: Air temperature, time of day in 12 or 24-hour clock formatBluetooth™ functionality: Enables the gauge to communicate with the rider’s cell phone and provide notification of incoming calls or texts. Displays phone battery & signal strengthGPS/Mapping Capability: A compass is standard, & full-featured GPS can be installed to provide directions & information about services such as fuel, restaurants, lodging & Polaris dealerships. Customize the GPS to operate with North Up or Course Up navigation depending on your preference. Ride Planning Feature enables you to plan a ride using Ride Command, save it as a GPX file, and transfer it to the display through the USB interface.
  • ELECTRIC START: Standard electric start. Durable starter built to withstand the rigors of coldest climates. Start the powerful engine with the push of a button.
  • MESSAGECENTER GAUGE: Informative and easy to read, this instrumentation keeps a rider aware of sled operating conditions and provides a wealth of additional data. Easily viewable LCD screen, 4.3 in. diagonal measurement. Scrolling message center keeps rider informed. Large buttons can be operated with gloved hands. Brightly lit display is easily readable in all light conditions.

General Information

Manufacturer Polaris
Model Year 2019
Model 800 Titan XC 155 ES Snowcheck Select
Model Code S19FJP8PS
Color Black Pearl / Lime Squeeze


Length Overall - 129 in. (328 cm)
Height Overall - 48.5 in. (114 cm)
Width Overall - 45 in. (114 cm)
Weight Estimated Dry - 605 lb. (274 kg)

Engine & Drivetrain


Front - FOX® QS3 Comp. Adj. Piggyback

Rear - FOX® QS3 Comp. Adj.

Front Suspension

AXYS® Front Suspension

Travel - 9.3 in. (23.6 cm)

Rear Suspension

Titan Articulated

Travel - 16.5 in. (41.9 cm)

Engine Liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder
Displacement 795 cc
Bore x Stroke 85 x 70 mm
Ignition Clean-fire 3D
Fuel Capacity 14 gal. (53 l)

Drive - P-85

Driven - TEAM® BOSS

Exhaust Single, 3-stage VES with smart actuator
Brakes Titan Hydraulic disc
Powertrain Drive System Type - H-L-N-R Transmission
Fuel System Cleanfire® Injection


Skis Gripper, Pro-float
Ski Stance 39, 40, 41 in. (99.1, 101.6, 104.1 cm)
Track LxWxH

Track Options:

20 X 155 X 1.375 RIPSAW FULL

20 X 155 X 1.5 COBRA



Standard - 12 months

Extended - Up to 60 months in total coverage

Polaris recommends that all riders take a safety training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. ©2017 Polaris Industries Inc.