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2019 Polaris 800 Switchback Assault 144 SnowCheck Select


The 800 Switchback® Assault® snowmobile is for backcountry riders that demand off-trail agility and on-trail confidence. Its powerful, proven 600 Cleanfire® engine paired with the AXYS® Chassis and IGX 144 Rear Suspension deliver Rider-Balanced™ Control, Unrivaled Acceleration, and Rider Centric Comfort.

Rider Balanced Control

  • AXYS® CHASSIS: The AXYS chassis for the 144 platform is light and strong, offering rider balanced characteristics critical for the 50/50 rider. The rider is moved into a balanced position on the sled so it rides flat through the corners. When the trail gets rough or the rider jumps off into the powder, rider balance enables the rider to move back and make the front end light to climb up on top of the snow or the moguls.
  • IGX: A core element to the AXYS 144 platform is the IGX 144 uncoupled rear suspension, which offers the ultimate blend of durability and strength. The IGX 144 rear suspension provides RMK-inspired off-trail agility and balance with a drastically improved on-trail ride. Pitch is controlled through geometry in this rear suspension. And with 43% more front torque arm travel, this sled features reduced bottoming and less drag off-trail. An optimized, lighter, reinforced tipped rail beam design gives the sled a nimble feel.
  • POWDERTRAC™ HYBRID RUNNING BOARDS: The PowderTrac Hybrid running boards offer optimized design with 56% open space for maximum snow clean out while maintaining extreme strength. 1) Designed to serve the needs of riders on- & off-trail. 2) Efficient design delivers maximum strength & snow clean-out with 56% open space. 3) Front is wide & flat for foot comfort & stability; rear has tapered, dual-angle design for mobility & snow clearance

Rider Centric Comfort

  • AXYS® PERFORMANCE SEAT: The AXYS Performance seat utilizes a high-performance seat foam, and the seat design is narrower in front to provide greater maneuverability: The seat is lighter without compromising comfort Improved ergonomics and stability, Seat top features a gripper material that helps keep the rider in place.
  • POLARIS MESSAGE ENTER GAUGE: Informative and easy to read, this instrumentation keeps a rider aware of sled operating conditions and provides a wealth of additional data. 1) Easily viewable LCD screen, 4.3"" diagonal measurement. 2) Scrolling message center keeps rider informedIncreased number of tell tales by over 60%. 3) Large buttons can be operated with gloved hands. 4) Brightly lit display is easily readable in all light conditions.
  • INTERACTIVE DIGITAL DISPLAY: Exclusively from Polaris - the most advanced instrumentation in snowmobiling. This 4.3" high resolution, full color, LCD digital display provides a rider with information including: 1) Sled performance: Speedometer, tachometer, dual tripmeters, average speed, max speed, engine/trip hours & odometer Sled operating conditions: Coolant temperature, diagnostics & maintenance warnings. 2) Riding conditions: Air temperature, time of day in 12 or 24-hour clock format. 3) Bluetooth™ functionality: Enables the gauge to communicate with the rider’s cell phone and provide notification of incoming calls or texts. Displays phone battery & signal strength. 4) GPS/Mapping Capability: A compass is standard, & full-featured GPS can be installed to provide directions & information about services such as fuel, restaurants, lodging & Polaris dealerships. Customize the GPS to operate with North Up or Course Up navigation depending on your preference. 5) Ride Planning Feature enables you to plan a ride using Ride Command, save it as a GPX file, and transfer it to the display through the USB interface.
  • LEFT-HAND CONTROLS: The left-hand controls feature improved ergonomics, updated styling, and enhanced hand and thumb warmer control. The controls are easy to operate with gloves on, and have an improved tactile feel.
  • LED LIGHTS: All models built on the AXYS® platform feature standard LED headlights. LED headlights deliver the industry’s best lighting: Nearly 1 lb. lighter and high beams are 80% brighter than incandescent lighting. Color temperature or output of the lights (the “whiteness” of light, reported in Kelvin) is 5000K, closely matching daylight. LED headlights last the entire lifetime of the sled. A major durability enhancement over traditional incandescent headlights which experience filament burn out. For constant visibility and enhanced safety, the low beams remain on at all times. Even when the high beam is activated, there is never a period of no light.
  • WIND PROTECTION: The hood and windshield designs produce significantly enhanced wind protection for a rider, and the foil on the side panels further enhances protection.
  • INTEGRATED STORAGE: Storage was designed and developed right along with the AXYS platform, so it installs securely and features seamless, integrated styling that matches the sled’s design lines. 1) Compression-molded materials provide semi-rigid storage and enhanced styling. 2) Sturdier zippers provide better cargo security and protection. 3) Installs without tools.
  • PREMIUM FIT & FINISH: Interfacing surfaces between body panels and components are shorter for minimized gaps. 1) Interfaces are strategically located in recessed areas. 2) Styling of storage elements results in clean, integrated lines. 3) Components are engineered for functionality and styled for the best styling.
  • TRACKER OPTIONS: Various track options are available for the Switchback® Assault® that let a rider customize the sled to suit their personal riding style. Track options include: Cobra 1.35” track for superior traction and control on soft, loose and unpacked snow; Cobra 1.6” track for smooth performance on groomed trails and excellent performance on soft, loose snow of ungroomed trails; and 2.0 Series 4 track is the standard in 2" deep snow tracks for 50/50 riders.
  • WALKER EVANS NEEDLE SHOCKS: Premium shocks with compression adjusters and remote reservoirs offer the best in tunability and fade-proof performance. Unique needle design uses hydraulic force at the end of the stroke to eliminate harsh bottoming.
  • PRO TAPER HANDLEBARS: ProTaper Handlebars are aluminum and feature a flat design with integrated mountain hooks for ease in deep snow riding and aggressive cornering
  • PRO-STEER SKIS: The PRO-STEER ski features a reshaped keel and shortened skag for reduced steering effort. Redesigned ribs atop the ski increase torsional stiffness for more precise steering, and bosses added atop the ribs provide traction to prevent slipping when a rider steps on the ski in deep snow.

Unrivaled Acceleration

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The Switchback ASSAULT on the AXYS 144 platform is the industry-leading lightweight 50/50 crossover snowmobile. It allows you to get up on top of deep snow faster and offers quick acceleration.
  • 800 Cleanfire® H.O. ENGINE: Developed in conjunction with the AXYS platform, the proven 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Engine delivers class-leading acceleration. The integrated mounting position optimizes the balance of the chassis. Featuring: 1) 3-stage electronically-controlled exhaust valvesElectronic oil pump. 2) Thermostat with bypass warms up to operating temperature 40% faster and improves durability. 3) High-efficiency intake and exhaust. 4) VForce Reeds. 5) Lightweight crankshaft. 6) Throttle body is lighter weight and reduces throttle effort. 7) Grooved Piston.

General Information

Manufacturer Polaris
Model Year 2019
Model 800 Switchback Assault 144 SnowCheck Select
Model Code S19EEC8PS
Color LIme Squeeze / Black


Length Overall - 125 in. (317.5 mm)
Height Overall - 54.5 in. (138.4 mm)
Width Overall - 47 in. (119.4 mm)
Weight Estimated Dry - 456 lb. (207 kg)

Engine & Drivetrain


Front - Walker Evans® Hi-Lo Speed Comp. Adj. Piggyback Needle

Front Track - Walker Evans® Comp. Adj. Piggyback

Rear Track - Walker Evans® Hi-Lo Speed Comp. Adj. Piggyback

Front Suspension


Travel - 9.5 in. (24.1 cm)

Rear Suspension

IGX 144

Travel - 16. in. (40.6 cm)

Engine Liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder
Displacement 840 cc
Bore x Stroke 85 x 70 mm
Ignition Clean-Fire 3D
Fuel Capacity 12 gal. (45.4 l)

Drive - P-85

Driven - TEAM® LWT

Transmission Reverse - PERC®
Exhaust Single, 3 Stage VES with Smart Actuator
Brakes AXYS® Radial
Powertrain Drive System Type - Chaincase
Fuel System Cleanfire® Injection


Ski Stance Center distance - 42.5 in. (108 cm)
Track LxWxH 144 x 15 x 1.35 in. Cobra


Additional Colors

Black Pearl

Lime Squeeze

Sky Blue

Black Pearl / Lime Squeeze

Black Pearl / Orange Burst

Pink Ribbon Riders Titanium

Indy Red

Orange Burst

Black Pearl / White Lightning

Black Pearl / Sky Blue

Founders Edition Black Pearl / Gold


Standard - 12 months

Extended - Up to 60 months in total coverage

Polaris recommends that all riders take a safety training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. ©2017 Polaris Industries Inc.